Is Your Buyer Qualified?

You’ve received an offer on your house– or maybe more than one offer. Is your buyer qualified? One of the most important things your Maplewood/S. Orange realtor can do is to help you analyze the pros and cons of each offer and determine if your buyer is qualified. If we choose to work together we will explain to you what’s good and bad about each offer based on what we see happening in the market place everyday and my past experience successfully representing sellers like you. As your agents, we will review the contract of sale, disclosures and pre-approval/proof of funds with you so that you will understand exactly:

  • How much the buyer is offering?
  • How much of a downpayment are they making?
  • If they have a property that they need to sell in order to buy your house and if so how far along is their sale transaction?
  • If they making an initial deposit and who will be holding this?
  • Will they be making a second deposit, when and who will be holding this?
  • If they are asking for any special items to be included in the sale and are they ok with any items that you want to exclude from the sale?
  • Who is their lender?
  • How long will it take them to get a mortgage commitment from their lender?
  • When will they do a home inspection and what type of inspections will they be doing?
  • Will they test for lead paint?
  • Have the buyers added any special provisions to the contract that you should be aware of?
  • If they asking you to cover some of their closing costs?
  • When do they want to close?

We will review strategies and procedures with you in the event more than one offer is received so that you can net the most for your sale. If your buyer is paying cash, that’s wonderful. Do they have proof of funds? Most importantly, we will vet your buyer by having one of our trusted mortgage pros contact their lender to make sure that they’ve done their due diligence. A pre-approval letter is simply a piece of paper unless you find out what’s behind it. Then and only then will we negotiate the best price and terms for you. Thinking about selling a home in the Maplewood/S. Orange area? Let’s meet for a free and confidential consultation.